Sorting Company


We want to enable you to save your own resources and support you in optimizing processes. When do sorting processes become necessary? Perhaps due to quality deviations in supplier parts . When customer complaints arise, after a spot check in the goods-receivable department, we are able to sort the defective products. As it is often not possible for the company to do the sorting itself due to time constraints, we are outsourced with this task as a sorting company.

In a sorting process, products are checked for quality defects in accordance with various work instructions. In some cases, a machine inspection is preferred because it is much faster. In this case, cameras are used whereby the products to be inspected then run past a camera on a conveyor belt. Sorting is carried out, among other things, by specifying the batch or part number. The constantly increasing quality requirements also require a constantly increasing product quality standards. With our manual sorting, our sorting company is also able to inspect parts that are impossible to sort with machines.

The specially trained and educated staff of our sorting company draw from a wealth of experience and because of this, we achieve perfect results, even with manual sorting, and meet a high quality of standards – quality is the goal. Our insatiable drive for self-optimization has made our sorting company what we are today. Complex solutions for special requirements are no problem thanks to our expert knowledge and extensive resources. Our employees receive regular training and are highly skilled in a wide range of techniques. Learn more about our service, and please don’t hesitate to call. The staff at our sorting company are available for any questions you may have.