With our employees


Have a capacity bottleneck and need support to manually sort or rework goods? With our employees, we have the appropriate resources and qualifications, as well as dexterity, reliability and diligence. Be it counting, selecting, assembling or documenting, we are there when you need us.

With our service, we make sure that the inspected products are back with your company as quickly as possible and available to be added back to the production line as 100% inspected and reworked goods. Armed with professional equipment and proven testing methods, we are able to eliminate problems and interfering factors.


Our trained team are savvy with a wide range of tools, equipment and measuring devices. Inventory of equipment includes, but is not limited to: Illuminated magnifiers, microscopes, HD video inspection systems, measuring equipment, inspection fixtures. With our EDI solutions we can optimally complete process chains (labels, VDA label, SAP etc.).