24/7 always at your disposal


24/7 always at your disposal

State-of-the-art equipment is a guarantee for professional inspections of components

Whether mechanically or manually – we’ll check your products for quality defects with the utmost care.

Our sorting machines

With our new sorting machine, we can now check automatic sorting of small parts without contact and even set it up at your site within a few hours, guaranteeing you the optimal ratio of quality and price.

Reworking components while ensuring quality and dimensional specifications

A small part of our activities consists of bending workpieces, painting, cleaning and rust removal-deburring (machine or manual). Activities as contract management cleaning activities using ionised compressed air.

Manual 100% visual inspection

There are some tasks where automatic control is out of the question. For these you should use our optimally trained staff and modern equipment.

Erdem Ürün

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