24/7 always at your disposal


24/7 always at your disposal

Packaging activities

Individual packaging, special packaging or outer packaging.

Picking and packing

The transport of reliable and safe goods is an essential part of daily business. For smooth shipping, we offer solutions for your special packaging needs.

Order picking

Whether weighing, counting, selecting or assembling – with our modern equipment you’ll receive error-free deliveries.

Transport solutions

  • With our powerful fleet of trucks and vans, we’re equipped to transport a wide variety of goods.
  • Goods collections and returns are carried out reliably and independently for you.
  • You’re also welcome to use our storage space as intermediate storage.

We`ll take over all of the packaging, storage and logistics and on modern EDI solutions

With our support you can increase the efficiency and productivity of your packaging process.

Erdem Ürün

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